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Founding Editor

Anushka Bansal

I am Anushka, a seventeen-year old from New Delhi, India. I am deeply intrigued by economics and consistently strive to delve myself further into the subject. I consider myself an enthusiastic public speaker, reader, and writer. Owing to my passion for economics and research, I head the Trade and Economics department for the International Youth Politics Forum (https://www.iypforum.org/), am the Founder President of my school’s Literary Club, the COO/Co-Founder of a social enterprise in my city (http://www.zapescrap.com/), and have a TEDx talk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-rj4ChRFtk) to my name. When I am not interviewing economists or studying organic chemistry, you will find me obsessing over pepperoni pizza or scribbling down poems in my room!

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